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Phosphine is a gas widely used worldwide through the application of solid formulas of aluminum phosphide or magnesium phosphide, which when exposed to the ambient humidity, slowly release the phosphine gas through a hydrolysis reaction. Along with the phosphine production in the reaction, other gases, such as ammonia, are generated also. The latter is highly phytotoxic and creates problems in the treatment of fresh fruits and vegetables.

As a result of the hydrolysis reaction of metal phosphides, a waste is produced, and it contains active metal phosphide. Therefore, it is a dangerous and toxic waste, which can still produce phosphine, and it must be gathered, disabled and disposed in an adequate manner once the fumigation is over.

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It does not react to the
treated products

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It does not leave detectable
wastes in food

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It does not damage the


The Horn Diluphos System (HDS), is an automated system that enables the direct dilution of Pure Phosphine with air in cylinders below the auto-ignition limit (18000 ppm), allowing to inject a mixture of air with Phosphine into the sealed premises to be fumigated, using concentrations of up to 10,000 ppm of Phosphine with no risk of ignition.

This system includes a series of security mechanisms that control the process and avoid problems in risky situations, such as a power outage. The equipment is designed to require the operator to take an action. Then, the equipment verifies that the action has been carried out in a proper way.

The usage of the HDS reduces the usual problems of the Phosphine as a fumigant. The problems of Phosphine ignition inside the area are eliminated since the concentration shall never exceed 18.000 ppm if the recirculation is not performed


What is HDS?

It is a revolutionary fumigation system for products stored in confined spaces such as silos, silo bags, warehouses, cold storage rooms, customized containers, mill deposits, etc.

This innovative equipment uses and dilutes the Pure Phosphine, directly from cylinders, mixed with air and in a completely safe way.

Simple, safe and eco-friendly like no other. Unlike the rest of the systems, it produces ZERO waste to the environment, when it is released, achieving effectiveness and practicality that make it unique in the global market of fumigation system machinery.

How does the HDS works?

This automated method enables the direct dilution of the Pure Phosphine with the air, below the auto-ignition limit (18000 ppm), through and injection of a mixture of air and phosphine in the fumigation of the premises with no risk of ignition.

Which are the main advantages of using HDS?

  • Reduction in fumigation time
  • It does not require the entrance of operators into the premises to carry out the fumigation.
  • It is not necessary to gather, disable or dispose phosphine waste. There is no waste produced.
  • It does not damage the environment.
  • It reduces the risk of fire
  • It requires less amount of workforce
  • Suitable for application in completely sealed structures

Why Fumigate with Pure Phosphine?

The Phosphine is a well-known insecticide, ideal for the protection of the stored products, and it is obtained from Aluminum Phosphide. The latter, when in contact with the air and the ambient humidity, releases the aforementioned Phosphine, but in its process, it produces waste such as ammonia and other materials that are harmful to the environment.

Our Pure Phosphine presents an advantage over other fumigation agents, among other things due to the lack of harmful ecological agents. Once the Pure Phosphine is released to the atmosphere, it is converted into phosphoric acid, by action of the sunlight, and this is harmless to the environment.

What kind of pests does the Pure Phosphine control?

Insects: Mite, Flour Mite, Vine Beetle, Fuller Rose Beetle, Flat Grain Beetle, Tobacco Beetle, Sawtoothed Grain Beetle, Khapra Beetle, Diloboderus Abderus, Vine Mealybugs, Cutworms, Dermestid Beetle, Scale Insects and Conchuela Bugs, Bark Beetle, Grain Beetle, Bread Beetle, Bacon Beetle, Eulia Ministrana, Chilean grape flat mite, Brown Flour Beetle, Confused Flour Beetle, Bean Weevil, Wheat Weevil, Rice Weevil, Groundnut Seed Beetle, Coffee Weevil, Maize Weevil, Fruit Flies, Pink Bollworm, Almond Moth, Grain Moth, Pine Bark Beetle, Pantry Moth, Mediterranean Fluor Moth, Oriental Fruit Moth, Mottled Grain Moth, Aphids, Woolly Aphid.

Rodents: Black Rat, Brown Rat, Mice, Southern Mountain Vizcachas.

What products can be fumigated with Pure Phosphine?
  • Fresh Agricultural Produce (vegetables, fruits, bulb vegetables with leaves, cut flowers, citrus fruits, etc.)
  • Dried Agricultural Produce (rice, seeds, almonds, tobacco, barley, wheat, corn, sunflower, sorghum)
  • Animal Consumable Goods (balanced feed and ingredients)
  • Processed Food (based on cereals: cookies, noodles, grains, rice, chocolate bars, dried fruits, powdered milk, yeast, dried meat products, cheese, tea, vegetables)